Chris Bøg


Recommendation: 8/10. Author: Andy Weir ISBN: 0553448129. External link: Goodreads.

I loved The Martian, and thought that if this, Weirs next novella since The Martian, had just some of the same quirky and humorous descriptions of voluptuous and intuitive engineering and scientific efforts, it would be a joyful read. It did, and it was.

The story takes place on the moon, in a five-dome moonbase that serves mostly as a tourist attraction for people on earth. We follow the main character, Jazz, a smart, young woman from muslim roots, born on the moon, and working as a porter, always short on money with not much change in sight, when she one day gets an opportunity that will change her life forever, for better or worse.

This book as an absolute joy. It's light, humorous, and thrilling. It's also a great take on what the future might be.